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The Lyoness Principle is “Money Back with Every Purchase” connects millions members worldwide to the Lyoness Shopping Community. As a Free Lyoness member you can make purchases at over 150,000 Cashback points from over 40,000 merchants around the world including WYK Web Solutions Calgary. Currently more than 40,000 Loyalty Merchants in 45 countries around the world provide unlimited shopping opportunities, and approximately 5,000 online shops offer a choice of over 170 million products – in 45 countries. Lyoness is currently active in 33 European countries as well as in the USA, Canada, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, South Africa and in the Asian Pacific region (Hong Kong, Macao, Australia, Philippines, Thailand and New Zealand) with more than 4 million Members worldwide.

WYK Web Solutions offers a 15% loyalty member benefit AND 2% Cashback with every web service purchase (Website Design, SEO, Website Hosting)

With only 1 loyalty card you can make purchases across all sectors and benefit from Grocery stores to hairdressers, furniture stores, mechanics, fuel, clothes, restaurants and so much more. Calgary Web Design Lyoness Merchant

Calgary SEO Radio Show


The Value of Backlinks to Generate More Traffic To Your Website

Search engines often use the number of backlinks that a website has as one of the most important factors for determining that website’s search engine ranking, popularity and importance.

Basically, the better the backlinks the better chance you have at being found in the world wide web. There are several factors that determine the value of a backlink. For example if you have backlinks from authoritative site on a given topic, these backlinks become highly valuable.

Vincent Tudor is an SEO specialist with WYK Web Solutions will join us to help you understand how backlinks work. How to utilize your content. Plus, what keywords you should use to make backlinks work for you..

Read more in Vincent’s article in Issue 5 of the Brighter Business Empower Magazine HERE! For more on Vincent click on WYK WEB.

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The Importance of SEO for Your Website


Building a website is one of the best ways to get exposure for your business online. Web users visit sites every day, most often searching for information to help them to find a service or make a purchase decision. Websites are vital sales and marketing tools, and having one is essential to businesses both small and large.


One of the most often overlooked factors in this equation is visibility. It doesn’t matter if you have the most well-designed website with the best products if nobody sees it. Search engine optimization is the science and art of getting found online, and is an essential part of the website-building process.


Vincent T. is an SEO specialist with WYK Web Solutions.  Join us as you will learn How SEO works. How to utilize your content.  And, what keywords are for and how to effectivley use them.


Read more in Vincent’s article in Issue 3 of the Brighter Business Empower Magazine HERE!  For more on Vincent click on WYK WEB.


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Tap The Pink Numbers on Google play


Cover artThis is a very simple tapping game but addictive. Touch the pink numbers as fast as you can in the right order. Can you tap the pink numbers fast? Prove it!

Do you like awesome new and fun games of skill that are simple and easy to understand? Then download Tap The Pink Numbers now!

Tap The Pink Numbers is a fantastic new game that will test your ability to tap fast and accurately! The game is simple to play. All you have to do is tap the pink number tiles, in order, as fast as you can. Be careful not to tap the numbers that are on different colored tiles or it’s game over.

This highly addictive tap the number game will not only entertain you for hours, it will also improve your game tapping skills with a little practice! The great graphics and easy to play gamer experience are optimized for gamers and non-gamers of most ages! Tap The Pink Numbers is truly good gaming fun for all of your friends and loved ones.

Download now to start the fun!

Tap The Pink Numbers Features:

• Fun game
• Free game
• Play anytime
• Easy to understand
• Easy to play gaming
• Good for almost all ages
• Hand-eye coordination skills

This professionally created and developed game is fun and engaging. Get your family, your friends, and the tap game fans in your life addicted by download now and sharing Tap The Pink Numbers with them all. See who can tap the fastest. Who can beat their best times!

Warning: tapping pink numbers may be addictive. The designers of this game are not responsible if you have TOO MUCH FUN while tapping pink numbers!

Download now to have a great time tapping!

Play Tap The Pink Numbers on Android NOW

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