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Helping businesses and individuals achieve their financial goals has been my passion for the last 13 years. Using Calgary premier radio stations Virgin 98.9CJAY 92 and Classic Country 1060 I can show you how you can get your business noticed before your competitors.

I combine a mix of radio advertisingonline advertising and social media (twitterfacebookand linkedin) initiatives to increase your ROI and drive business to your product, service or event.

I have sat with business owners, both large and small, and seen the challenges they face when deciding how to most effectively market their business. I implement a successful formula utilizing great ads in conjunction with effective scheduling . The businesses I work with see increased traffic, increased revenue and an over-all boost to their business.

I specialize in maximizing your advertising budget using creative messages that stand out on the radio.

CONTACT ME to see how you can reach over 100,000 listeners in Calgary.

6 Reasons why the new Facebook Timeline Page is awesome


Supercharge your fan page using WordPress

New timeline interface is more powerful than ever!

Ever since Facebook changed the fan pages to the new Timeline interface earlier this month, people have argued that the new Facebook Apps (previously known as Facebook Tabs) wouldn’t be as valuable anymore. Some people even exaggerated and said the Facebook Apps/Tabs are dead…

Fortunately, this is far from true. Facebook Apps are now more powerful than ever!

    • Welcome Pages still exist

The most commonly argument that people use when they say Facebook Apps became worthless is because Facebook “killed welcome pages”. You better get your facts together!

Yes, it is true that you cannot configure a default landing page anymore. This means that all visitors that will navigate to your fan page will automatically land on your timeline page, not on your welcome tab…

However, only a small percentage of your fanpage visitors will land directly on timeline page. Most visitors to your fan page will be generated using external sources such as:

      • PPC ads (Facebook ads)
      • Your website
      • Email list
      • Viral Facebook Apps such as ShareGate

Guess what? You can send all visitors from these sources directly to your Facebook Apps (instead of your Timeline page), this way you can make sure that all traffic from viral applications is send directly to your welcome custom page.

  • Fan gating still works

This is actually a prolongation of the previous point. Even though Facebook killed the default tab (which we can get around in most cases, see point 1), fan gating still works.What is fan gating? Fan gating is simply showing different content to a visitor that hasn’t liked your page yet, compared to visitors that have liked your page already (e.g. your fans). By excluding valuable content, giveaways and other freebies for fans only you can make sure that the conversion rate from visitor to fan will improve big time.

  • 55% more space

The old apps (tabs) were only 520 pixels wide. With the new Timeline interface, we can use the full width of Facebook: 810 pixels. That’s an increase of 55%!Think about it for a second. This is going to have a huge impact on the user experience when people visit your application. All web designers will remember the shift from 800×600 screens, to 1024×768 screens, to the screens we’re using today. More space simply means you can put more stuff in it while keeping it organized.

Simply put, this means we can create much richer applications for our users. Start thinking big. Whatever you can do or show at your website – you can now do within a Facebook Tab as well. I would never argue to replace your website entirely, but some features could fit better inside Facebook because of the viral options it has to offer (when executed properly).

  • There is no distraction

Before there were many distractions. On the left you had the profile picture and the menu to other tabs. On the right hand side you had all kinds of ads and friend-related info.

Even though some functions were quite useful (e.g. the profile picture), they also distracted your visitor when you’re trying to convince them to do something (e.g. leave their email address, use a specific function of your app or simply like your page).

New apps don’t have all these distractions. They simply have a Facebook bar in the top (from where they like your page or navigate to other pages within your fanpage). What do you think this is going to do with your conversion rates?

Exactly. This is a good thing. With the new interface you can center the whole screen around your CTA (call to action) without having to fight for attention.

Of course it’s the question for how long Facebook will keep these pages ads free, but as long as they are we should all profit from it!

  • Bigger thumbnails

Whenever users are visiting your fanpage outside your Facebook Applications, you can confront them with big 110x75px icons in the top of your fan page (just below the cover photo). Before you could only point to your apps using small icons in the menu under the profile picture.

  • Applications are more powerful than ever

Applications are now more powerful then ever! Especially now, when many people don’t know how to use it to it’s full advantage, you have the chance to stand out from the crowd and do some cool stuff with the new Facebook Applications. Get more fans by having a NEW custom Facebook page.

Supercharge your fan page using WordPress NOW

Source: WP4FB

Custom Facebook Pages using WordPress


Go viral using a custom Facebook page

Powerful viral features such as FanGate or ShareGate help you grow your fan base virally.

Simple to use custom Facebook pages

It’s created with the user in mind, making it really simple to set up and manage your pages using WordPress.

Customizable Facebook Pages using WordPress

In just a few clicks you can easily customize the layout and design to your needs.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. ( build Viral Facebook fan pages using WordPress. The advantage is that users can update/edit their custom pages without web design or web development knowledges.


Fan Gate
FanGate shows a different page to non-fans who visit your page. When they click the Like button, the content changes to something just for fans. This is a great feature for special offers, discount codes, free gifts, etc.

Share Gate
Using ShareGate, you can easily select pages that will only be visible after the user posted a message about your fan page on their wall. This way, you can easily trade viral publicity for a freebie, such as an ebook, coupon or other promotional offer.

Invite Gate
Using InviteGate, you can easily select pages that will only be visible after the user invited one or multiple friends to the fan page. This is ideal for getting more targeted users to your fan page.

Viral Comments
You can easily implement viral comments within your custom fan page. When a user posts a comment, a message that links back to your fan page will automatically be posted on their wall, generating massive viral traffic.

Customizable Design
Whether you want to use an out-of-the box template or your own design: you can simply customize the layout without touching any of the code.

Do you want to impress your visitors with something special? We’ve implemented a stunning image slider for you to include on your fan page.

Easy To Use will create custom pages with the users in mind. We made it very easy to use, without cutting down on it’s features. You can have your fan page up and running in minutes.

Easy To Edit
We will provide you a login to your custom page WordPress platform and training about how to edit your: pages, munus, slides, images…all features.

Insert Media & Maps
It’s easy to implement all kinds of media to your fan page. Whether you want to include YouTube videos, photos or Google Maps.

Custom Pages Examples

Request a custom Facebook Page based on WordPress

More info at Custom Pages

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