Online Marketing Glossary

Call to Action – a clear statement, graphic or image that asks the viewer to take a specific action.  A clear call to action is deemed to boost the conversion rate.  Too many calls to action can confuse the visitor and reduce calls to action.

Canonical Domains – refers to domains that are slight variations of one another.  For example, and  If these are not consolidated, traffic and domain authority is splintered, and the website loses search rank.

Conversion – an instance in which a visitor indeed performs the desired “call to action” – i.e. fills out a form on the website, or buys an item.

Conversion Optimization – a process to alter the content and design of a website in several ways in order to research which version will generate the most inquiries (“conversions”)

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)  – on the web, this refer to metrics such as monthly site traffic, conversions, click-throughs on PPC campaigns, etc.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) – Online advertising payment model in which payment is based solely on qualifying click-throughs.  Budget is used as unique visitors click on the client’s ad. (Sponsored Ads in Google are an example of this.)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) –   The process of adjusting a website’s content to align with specific keyword phrases in order to boost its search result rankings when those keyword phrases are used. Also called “Natural Optimization”

Social Media Marketing /Social Network (SN) Marketing – A process of using social media sites (such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or My Space) to generate business and to drive traffic to a business’ website.

Spam – Unsolicited bulk email, specifically using lists in which the receiver did not “opt-in” to request the information.

White-Hat, Grey-Hat, Black-Hat –  Words describing the level of ethics used in generating traffic through an SEO program.  Although there is disagreement as to what constitutes ethical online marketing, “White Hat” online marketers use ethical means such as legitimate original content to attract links; Grey Hats use automated robots to send generic messages to blogs…..  Black Hats use very spurious methods to generate traffic such as plagiarizing content, and keyword over-use.

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