Pink Candy Bowl Game on Google play


Cover artLost in the pink candy bowl? Try to escape from the pink candy bowl and collect as many coins as you can.

Do you like to adventure through new worlds? Do you like candy? Do you like fun!!!! Download now! What do you do as an alien when you are trapped in a pink candy bowl? You escape at all costs! Try sweet candy, aliens, and little pink animated sugar blobs! This world by world side scrolling retro-styled game doesn’t rely on 8-bit graphics either!

This professionally developed and expert designed game delivers amazing graphics, and an awesome game user experience! It is a must play alien game for your mobile devices that you won’t want to put down!!

To play you simply use the 4-direction pad to move your alien, the “A” button to fire you high fructose bullets and your “B” button to jump. Be sure to jump and bump the boxes above your head to gain valuable coins, stars, and power-ups!

Pink Candy Bowl Features:

• Free game
• Fun for all ages
• Great adventure
• Sweet alien graphics
• Choose your character
• Retro-style gaming design
• Easy to understand controls
• Professionally developed game
• Expertly designed GUI and game play!

This alien candy game is so awesome you will want to share it with everyone you know. Whether you are a seasoned game vet that would love to play an alien adventure game that will warm your heart or you are a new gamer that wants to play an alien game that is sure to become and new epic classic, Pink Candy Bowl is the perfect game for you!

Have a sweet candy blast, download pink candy bowl now and start the adventure!

Play Pink Candy Bowl on Android NOW

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